Docspell stopped processing document queue

I'm using Docspell to manage all my mail and other documents, and it's been working great. However today as I was uploading a batch of documents the processing queue suddenly stopped working.

Looking into the logs of the joex component I noticed that it crashed with a Java OutOfMemory exception. "No biggie" - just add "-Xmx2G" to the startup command in my docker-compose.yml ... except the joex processing queue still hung.

I spent way too much time diagnosing this, but as it turns out that there were stale entries in the jobgroupuse table that led joex to believe that ...

Simple Kodi to Plex watched items conversion script

(Wow it's been 8 years since my last post.... really haven't done anything since then...)

Today I had to hack together a quick script for moving my wife's list of watched movies and TV shows from Kodi to Plex. I couldn't find anything like that on the web already, so I spent a few hours digging through Kodi's and Plex's database formats. 

No guarantees or warranties, even if this script kills your cat (I hope it doesn't). It's at for anybody who's interested.

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