Temp fix for linux leap second freeze

Like a lot of other people some of the servers I run have been affected by the leap second freeze. There's an easy (temp) fix to get the system running again without restarting (assuming you still have access to the system in question):

service ntp restart 
date -s "`date`"

That did the trick for all the affected servers I had - notably only the ones that were running Java services actually had issues...

Robust subversion sync via cron

I usually deploy my projects using subversion. This means that on a given server I'll do an initial checkout, typically of the live branch. Then I'm setting up a cron job that on regular intervals polls the distribution server and checks if there are any new versions available. If they are then the scripts syncs to the new revision(s) and performs any additional optional operations (e.g. doing a 'touch' for WSGI reload etc).

One of the problems I ran into was then whenever I submitted a change on the dev branch the sync script would consider ...