Unity asset dependency walker

For a current contracting project (yes, I am for hire Wink) I had to do a cleanup pass on some assets in Unity3D. Basically what had happened was that somebody copied an entire directory tree resulting in a lot of assets with the same name (but of course a different GUID). At this stage nobody knew which assets were current and used by the levels, and which ones were not...

I've whipped up a quick editor script that simply lists all the assets that are currently directly and indirectly used in the active level. Selecting one of the assets will focus it in the project window.

To use the script simply copy it into the 'editor' directory. There will be a new 'Dependency Walker' entry in the 'Window' main menu.

Feedback and suggestions are always welcome!

DependencyWalker.cs (1.2 KB)

License: Beerware

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